Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ta ta for now

Monday, December 28, 2009


Woah!!! Yea I know this is late and whatever haha, but I got tickets to Paramore when they come to NZ in March next year! Choice as bro! lol

Was a bit of drama trying to get the tickets on presale when the tickets website went down (note don't ever use ticket master, they are clueless and SUCK!).

Anywho got my ticket! Wooooh!!!

Cant wait til next year!
Parachute Music Festival then Paramore, and possibly the Cobra Starship / Owl City if I can scrape some funds together for that and if there are still tickets together when I do so lol...

End of blog :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Parachute 010

Worth watching:
  • Switchfoot
  • Underoath
  • Hillsong United
  • Leeland
  • Family Force 5
  • Falling Up
  • Newworldson
  • Nathan King
  • Mumsdollar
  • Manafest
  • Late 80s Mercedes
  • Dziah 2.0 (Dance)
  • Ruby Frost
  • Prestige Dance Crew (Dance)
  • Chris Cope
  • Sienna Skies
  • Primal Band
  • Grace Lawry
  • Atlanta Fall
  • Chloe Bartlett
  • Alaska
  • Legacy Dance Crew (Dance)
  • Limit Break (Dance)
  • Rachel Hope And The Music Box
  • The Jury And The Saints
  • Vivah
mainstage 09